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IGNOU comes out with the results on a regular basis. There are a lot of courses. The colleges try their best. So that there are no delays. From term end exam ignou result to entrance exams.

The timing for the release of dates vary. The entrance exam is on notice as and when they happen. When compared to regular term end exams. The entrance exam takes place once a year. Hence the IGNOU Result is out once in a year.

On the other hand, the results for term end exam comes out on term end. For several courses. The results get linking on the website. The IGNOU lists results on a constant basis. For students who wish to see. They can visit the website for clarifications.

Updates on IGNOU Assignment Result 2018

Updates on 15 March 2018 : As per IGNOU official portal for all the semester has been published, so students can go and check the ignou result December 2018 below.

Although the students need to take care. As the results seen on the website is not final. There might on account of error changes to results. To verify the students, need to contact the office. The exam registrar is liable for it.

The term end exams take place twice. That is in the months of June and December. The IGNOU comes out with the results within one and half month. This is the time generally followed. Yet, there could for unforeseen reasons delay in the declaration.

The students need to take caution. As there are chances of envy among them. This should not lead to discomfort. If there is the delay. The same is visible on the website. The office of IGNOU takes results as a priority. They know how vital it is to the pupil.

IGNOU Assignment Result

Other IGNOU Result

Exam Board Indira Gandhi National Open University
Exam Semester Exam
Semester Details 1 to 6
Category General
Official Website www.ignou.ac.in
Exam Date 2018
Result Date / Link IGNOU Results
Hall Ticket IGNOU Hall Ticket
Syllabus IGNOU Syllabus
Date Sheet IGNOU Date Sheet
Exam Form IGNOU Exam Form

Alternate Link Dec 2016 Result
New Link Dec 2016
Revised B.Ed Entrance Exam Result 2017
Openmat XXXIX Management Programme Result

So, the students need to check the website for a regular term. The latest ignou result of various courses. From arts to science is up on the website. The latest results are in the exam section of the website.

The term end exam of Dec 2016 is up on the website. The students who are waiting for results can check there. The students will see the results page. Once there you need to input certain data. At the time of writing this article. The results up to Dec 2016 are live on the website.

The students who had opted for early exam results. They are able to see exam results within two weeks. For the rest, they need to wait a bit longer. Since it is on the website within 45 days on average.

The results for IGNOU OPENMAT is on the website. As and when the results are final. The candidates need to visit the IGNOU website. So, that they do not miss the final date.

IGNOU Assignment Result

The assignment is a major part of course curriculum. The IGNOU on a constant basis provides assignments for various courses. So, that the students are in the better position. Whether about taking term end exams or better conceptual view.

This is a great way to improve the learning sense. The student through better concepts is able to perform well in exams. From there they can take a leap forward. This also cultivates the habit of free input by the students. In ways that are free of book data alone.

Since these tests are equal in value. The students need to take extra care. So, that they do not lag behind. The teachers are there to help the students make better thought. Moreover, the marks show in final exams. This shows the level at which, these tests stand.

To see the IGNOU Assignment Result. The students can visit the IGNOU website. Moreover, the results page. This is one of the most important page. Since it contains all data of exams. So that students do not need to wander to other pages.

Moreover, it also helps to do fine in the job. The student gains helpful lessons. So, that they can use these as inputs in a career. Since these tests go past routine plan. It assists in out of box study. So that the person is able to bring new light to a given subject.

Hence these test cast a figure. A character who is not afraid of new concepts. Rather takes it as a fun pursuit. So the students should do their assignments on time. Take proper way of doing it. Consult where it is the need of the hour.

Do not shy away from this shot at the test. As it shows in final results. Yet, the students can show it as a personal victory. It can play a role in career building. Taking a leap forth to an enhanced way of living.

IGNOU Result Revaluation Alternate

So far, the article has pointed out the exams results. In this section, you will come to know of re-evaluation of results. In so far it was about the term end exams. Moreover, the assignments as well.

Yet, there are some who apply for re-evaluation. This is for those who are not happy with the initial results. So, they opt for another checking of the exams. This can happen to anyone. So it needs more assessment.

Sometimes, there is a human error. Besides, there is sometimes an error in the message. In any such case, the student needs to go through the re-evaluation of results. This is possible by submitting a form at IGNOU office. Moreover, also possible by submitting an online form.

At the time of writing this article. The latest re-evaluation results up to the month of June 2016 is live on the IGNOU website. The results for the re-evaluation of up to 2008 in past is accessible through the website.

The student needs to the 9 digits’ numeric enrollment number. If they need to access the ignou result. Otherwise, they won’t be able to see the re-evaluated results. The IGNOU through its one point of contact makes it easy for the students.

Further, if there is an error then the students can contact the office. It is rare that such an occurrence will take place. Yet, it is advisable to take measures at the earliest. So that the issue comes to light without much delay.

The decision of the office of the examiner is final. The student cannot any other office. Yet the student grievance redressal unit takes the cases on priority. The students need to take the proper route. If they want to then they can further appeal for a final revision.

IGNOU is a vast institute of the educational center. So, there will at some point of time cases of errors. However, through proper channels, the students can pursue remedies.

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