IGNOU BSC Datesheet 2018-2019 Download Updates

IGNOU has B.Sc course for all students. Course fee for IGNOU BSc (General) course is 10,500 INR. Students need paid to pay 3500 INR fee per annum.

BSC course has 96 credit in 3 category. Foundation course is 24 credits , Application- Oriented Courses- 8 to 16 Credits and Elective Courses – 56 to 64 Credits.

Last date of submission of online admission for BSC is JAN 2019. Eligibility criteria for BSC course is 10+2 in Science or equal. There is no age bar for this course.

IGNOU BSC Date Sheet

Course Code Course Name Date
FEG01  Foundation Course in English-1 Or Foundation Course in Hindi-2 12/10/2018
FST01  Foundation Course in Science and Technology 12/31/2018
BHDF01  Foundation Course in Hindi
FHS1  Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
FEG02  Foundation Course in English 12/12/2018
LSE01  Cell Biology 12/27/2018
LSE02  Ecology 12/26/2018
LSE03  Genetics 12/1/2018
LSE04(L)  Laboratory Course-I
LSE05  Physiology 12/14/2018
LSE06  Developmental Biology 12/24/2018
LSE07  Taxonomy and Evolution 18-Dec-18
LSE08(L)  Laboratory Course-II
LSE09  Animal Diversity-I 12/28/2018
LSE10  Animal Diversity-II 12/21/2018
LSE11(L)  Animal Diversity Lab
LSE12  Plant Diversity-I 12/29/2018
LSE13  Plant Diversity-II 12/22/2018
LSE14(L)  Plant Diversity Lab
PHE01  Elementary Mechanics 12/28/2018
PHE02  Oscillations and Waves 12/28/2018
BPHL103  Physics Laboratory-I
PHE04  Mathematical Methods in Physics-I 12/29/2018
PHE05  Mathematical Methods in Physics-II 12/29/2018
PHE06  Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 12/24/2018
PHE07  Electric and Magnetic Phenomena 12/27/2018
PHE08(L)  Physics Laboratory-II
PHE09  Optics. 12/21/2018
PHE10  Electrical Circuits and Electronics 12/5/2018
PHE11  Modern Physics 12/17/2018
PHE12(L)  Physics Laboratory-III
PHE13  Physics of Solids 12/11/2018
PHE14  Mathematical Methods in Physics-III 12/13/2018
PHE15  Astronomy and Astrophysics 12/15/2018
PHE16  Communication Physics 12/3/2018
 Elective Courses of Chemistry
CHE01  Atoms and Molecules 12/1/2018
CHE02  Inorganic Chemistry 12/1/2018
CHE03(L)  Chemistry Lab-1
CHE04  Physical Chemistry 12/4/2018
CHE05  Organic Chemistry 12/13/2018
CHE06  Organic Reaction Mechanism 12/31/2018
CHE07(L)  Chemistry Lab-II
CHE08(L)  Chemistry Lab-III
CHE09  Bio chemistry 12/20/2018
CHE10  Spectroscopy 12/18/2018
CHE11(L)  Chemistry Lab-IV
CHE12(L)  Chemistry Lab-V
 Elective Courses of Mathematics
MTE01  Calculus 12/21/2018
MTE02  Linear Algebra 12/22/2018
MTE04  Elementary Algebra 12/19/2018
MTE05  Analytical Geometry 12/19/2018
MTE06  Abstract Algebra 12/29/2018
MTE07  Advanced Calculus 12/1/2018
MTE08  Differential Equations 12/24/2018
MTE09  Real Analysis 12/26/2018
MTE10  Numerical Analysis 12/3/2018
MTE11  Probability and Statistics 12/27/2018
MTE12  Linear Programming 12/14/2018
MTE13  Discrete Mathematics 12/28/2018
MTE14  Mathematical Modelling 12/20/2018
MTE03#  Mathematical Methods
 Application-Oriented Courses
AFWE  Feature Writing (English)
AFW (H)  Feature Lekhan (Hindi)
AWRE  Writing for Radio (English)
AWRH  Radio Lekhan (Hindi)
ATR1  Translation (English 4 cr. + Hindi 4 cr.)
ACC1  Organizing Childcare Services
ANC1  Nutrition for the Community
AHE01  Human Environment (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) 12/8/2018
AMK1*  Marketing
AED1*  Export Procedures and Documentation
AOM1*  Office Organization & Management
ASP1*  Secretarial Practice
AMT01  Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) 12/11/2018
ACS1  Consumer Studies
CTE3  Teaching Strategies
CTE4  Teaching English – Elementary School To be taken
CTE5  Teaching English – Secondary School (with CTE-3 take any one either CTE-4 or CTE-5)
AST01  Statistical Techniques 12/19/2018
AOR01  Operations Research 12/10/2018
AEC01  Environmental Chemistry (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Labwork) 12/6/2018
APM01  Integrated Pest Management (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project)
NEV001  Introduction to Environment

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