Anagrasarkalyan Sikshashree Scholarship 2019 Updates

The Backward Classes Welfare Department executes many educational schemes. These schemes are available in West Bengal. Sikshashree Scholarship is to promote education among SC and ST students. The main aim is to offer financial aid for improving the participation in studies. It is to encourage the backward class of West Bengal state for education.

Anagrasarkalyan Sikshashree Eligibility Criteria

It is essential to fulfill eligibility criteria. Without, these no one is eligible to get the scholarship. So, it is important to fulfill the criterion. These are as follows.

  • the student must be the resident of West Bengal. He/she must belong to SC and ST category.
  • Only day scholars are eligible.
  • He/she must be in Class 5th- Class 8th.
  • Annual income of the parents must not exceed RS 2.5 lakh. Income certificate must be there.
  • Student must not have any other scholarship. During the same period, he/she must not get any stipend. If any other scholarship is found, then this scholarship amount needs to return back.
  • A student must have a bank account. It must be in a nationalized bank. The nationalized bank must have core banking facility.
  • The scholarship is available for one year only. It is for one class only. If a student gets failed, then the scholarship will get canceled.

Anagrasarkalyan Sikshashree

Amount / Rate of Scholarship

Students will receive a decent amount. For SC and ST, the amount will be different. So, the amount also varies for the different class. Here, the amount of scholarship is mentioned.
For Class V  Level

  • Rs.500 (for SC)
  • Rs.800 (for ST)

For Class VI  level

  • Rs.650 (for SC)
  • Rs.800 (for ST).

For Class VII level

  • Rs.700 (for SC)
  • Rs.800 (for ST).

For Class VIII  level

  • Rs.800 (for SC)
  • Rs.800 (for ST).

How To Apply for Anagrasarkalyan Sikshashree Scholarship status

All interested candidates can apply. To, apply, they need an application form. So, they will download it from the official website. Hence, download WB Sikshashree Scholarship Application Form. The mode of application is offline.

It can be downloaded in the English language. Further, the application form is also available in the Bengali language. They are available at One can also collect from either Block or PO Office.

After downloading, fill it. Fill the application form completely. After filling it, submit the same. One need to submit it at his/her school only. However, it must have some documents. Otherwise, it will be considered as the incomplete one. At the time of submission, only photocopies of documents are required. But at the time of verification, one may require original ones too. A student will receive the amount via bank transfer.

Now, online mode is also available. Students will follow some simple steps. One must fill all the blanks. No Blank must be left. So, these steps are mentioned below.

  • Go back to the official website. The official website is of Backward Classes Welfare Department West Bengal.
  • Reach to the home page.
  • Now, click on Sikshashree Scholarship Application.
  • Now, log in the system. Enter some required information.
    • Select User Type
    • Enter User ID
    • Type Password
    • Enter captcha code

Note the application ID. It is a piece of important information.

Ashram Hostel

It is available for both boys and girls. Candidate must be from SC category. But students get admission on the basis of availability of seats. Students need to pay RS 750 every month as the maintenance fees. Further, the Department will provide soap, kerosene, bedrolls, garments and cots. Presently, there are 98 hostels. These hostels have a capacity of 3131 seats.

The income of the parents must be RS 36,000 per annum. To stay in Ashram Hostel one need to apply to Head of Institution. They will apply through their head of institution.

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