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Are you preparing for some competitive exams? Does your board exams are coming? Do you really want to score good marks? Your answer is definitely yes. It is common to all, we want to score good marks. But scoring good marks need hard work too. So, get ready to score good marks in exams. Hence, to score good grades will give you a good career. Here, in this article, you will get to know about this.

Following a strategy will aid you in achieving your aim. The common strategies include the following.

  • goal planning
  • organizing
  • effective learning
  • hard work
  • much more.

It might seem difficult to follow these. But following these will let you perform well in the upcoming exams. There are some basic tricks. These tricks will help in the preparation of the exam. In every student’s mind, the question is how to prepare for the exams. They are worried about getting good marks in the exams. Hence, they need to cover all the subjects properly.

Every student wishes to have a position in the merit list. For achieving this aim, they need to sacrifice many things. As a result of sacrifice, they will score well in exams.

How to Score Good Marks

99% Useful tips to score good marks in exams

These tricks are very useful. If an average student will follow these tricks, then definitely you will score more than 90% marks in exams. So, students preparing for exams should know these tips. Keeping these things in mind will surely assist you in achieving your goal. Thus, read these tips carefully. Try to understand these tips and tricks.

Let’s start with a question? Are you an average student? Do you think being an average student will let you score more than 90% marks in upcoming exams. Then, yes being an average student will not be an obstacle anymore. Nothing is impossible in this world. Even an average student can score good marks. Hence, keep working on your goals. Following some steps will let you achieve your aim.

score good marks

Time Management

If you will not care for your time, then time will not care about you. Time is very precious. Students must not waste time. Wasting time can cost you. Give maximum time to your studies. Spending 6 hours in bed is enough. Rest of the 18 hours is for the preparation. Keep in mind to devote the maximum hours of the day to study only. Make yourself a chart. So, follow this chart for your studies.

Students do not have any pressure for earning. They have support from their families. So, their concentration must be only on studies. Give the maximum time for the preparation. Set the daily routine. Try to wake up at 4 am in the morning. Let’s have either tea or coffee. Usually, it takes 15 minutes to get fresh yourself. After that, open your course books. You can study at least 3 hours. So, you can study till 7 in the morning.

Now, go for a morning walk. It is important to get the fresh air. At 8 am, take breakfast. After that, take the notes. Study another subject. However, study for two hours only. So, take the break in between the study hours. After lunch at 1 pm, have a nap. Take a nap of 45 minutes. In the evening, meet with your friends. It’s the time for entertainment. You can also do some physical activities. At 7 pm in the evening, start the studies again. Let’s have dinner at 9 pm. After dinner, revise all the notes of the day. It’s the time to revise whole things which you have studied in the day.

At 10 pm, go to the bed, sleep.

Take the proper diet

Healthy food will give you a good health. It is important to keep your health in good condition. Take the water in the proper amount. Both of these things will keep your mind healthy. A healthy diet will aid you in remembering the things. In our brain, 70% constituent is water. So, water is an essential thing for our body.

Regularly drink water. It will aid in keeping the water level at the optimum level. One should drink the 2 liters water in a day. A healthy food will give you proper minerals and nutrients in the body. Food and water will make you physically strong.

Getting good health is important for exams. It will enhance the concentration and focus on studies. Imagine, if you have a fever or cold, then surely you will not be able to study. It will affect your preparation for some days. Here, your grades will be affected. It is a big loss to your preparation. So, one cannot take any chance to degrade his grades in exams. Never compromise with healthy food. Always remember to drink water and juices.


Meditation is a great thing to do. Doing it regularly will definitely give you benefits. So, start doing meditation daily at least for 30 minutes. It will enhance your memory power. Once you will realize its benefits, you will make it your hobby.

It is the common problem in all the students that they cannot focus on the studies. The minds of students get diverted easily. Thus, all these factors affect the grades. They want a help to enhance the concentration. The only solution is meditation.

Doing meditation will enhance their focus on studies. So, regular meditation will definitely give them good results. Their focus on studies will improve.

Proper and Sound Sleep

Regular study is important. But taking proper sleep is also important. Taking rest will give you an opportunity to relax your mind. It is necessary to keep your mind calm. It will give you more space to memorize things later. So, taking nap and breaks in between the studies is very important.

Therefore, take proper sleep. Proper sleep will relax your mind and body. If you are sleeping less than 4 hours a day, then surely, your concentration degrade. So, get the proper sleep in the night. It will refresh you. Further, it will give more energy for the next day studies.

Give challenges to yourself only

Challenging yourself means setting targets. Set targets to complete the topics. Further, set targets for completing syllabus. Moreover, set targets to do better. For example, if you have achieved 45% marks in the first term, then your aim should be at least to achieve 60% marks in the next term. Working hard will surely give you 90% marks in final exams.

You will get success only when you start chasing the ambition. Improving the performance day by day can happen only if dedicate yourself for studies. A regular study will definitely help you.

Finding weakness

It is very important to find the weakness. Do not ignore it. So, ignoring weakness will surely affect your marks in the final exams. Whether it is a topic or a subject, overcome your weakness. When you are weak in a specific topic or subject, you start ignoring it. It is wrong to do that.

So, start concentrating on your weak subjects. Hard come will aid you in overcoming your weakness. Within a few days, it will not be the weakness anymore. In fact, you will have a good grip over your weakness.

Plan your study

Planning the study will give you proper time for all subjects. You must include every subject in your study plan, Decide how much time you need to give on a specific subject and topic. It will help you in utilizing the time. So, your precious time will not get wasted. When boredom set arising, then change the subject. Take the subject which interests you more. So, doing this will help you in utilizing proper time.

But in between your studies, do not forget to take breaks. Taking naps in between the studies is equally important. In fact, revising is also an important part of the exam preparation. Learn today and revise it tomorrow. This is the key to success. Following this tip will help you in scoring good marks.

Be confident. But don’t be overconfident. Sometimes, you may have a bad attempt in the paper in which you are confident. So, always revise the chapters properly and regularly.

Clear all the concepts

Clear the concepts. It will help you in getting a better understanding of the topic. Do not mug up them. Understand the topics. Clearing concepts in English, History, Commerce will help you in scoring good in the main exams.

In fact, some tricks and tips will make you comfortable with subjects. So, start clearing the concepts in all the subjects.

Last year’s question Papers

Start solving last year’s question papers. It will help you in getting familiar with the exam pattern. Further, you will also time management in the exams. Students will know which type of questions are asked in the exam.

Every year, there is some repetition of questions from the last few year’s exam papers. So, solving them will help you in scoring good marks.

Solve sample papers too. Sometimes, the sample papers hold at least 10-20% questions in the main exams. When you start solving last 10 years questions papers, then you will easily score at least 60% marks. Rest of the marks depends on your preparation.

Scoring Subjects

English and Hindi are the scoring subjects. Students most often ignore these subjects. If you are able to score more than 80% marks in these two subjects and in your weak subject, you have scored only 80% marks, then, your average will be 90%.

So, do not ignore these subjects. You should give equal time to study this preparation. Do not devote all your time studying all other subjects. Keep in mind to study both of these subjects.

Good Handwriting

Good and clean handwriting will give you bonus marks. Examiners are always getting impressed with the handwriting of the students. They need not put any extra efforts to understand the writing. They can read all the answers clearly.

Examiners check thousands of answer sheets. All copies are different. So, a different writing style will help them in giving attention to the answer sheet. You can have the advantage that examiner might ignore your silly mistakes.

So, it is important to impress the examiner. Good handwriting is the best way to impress the examiner. Draw clean diagrams and get the diagram proper labeling.

Take full time to complete the exam

When you are giving exam and the question paper is not completed, then do not leave the exam hall before completing the question paper. Utilize your full exam hours to complete the question paper. Exam paper can never be so easy that it can be completed in less than the allotted exam hours.

If you have completed the exam paper, then revise it again. It will help you in catching silly mistakes. You can correct these. In exams, 1 mark is also very important. It can make you fall in the merit list.

Group Study

No student is perfect. So, group study can help the students in getting doubts clear. Listening to your friends can help you in memorizing the concepts. Describing the answers to them will make your concepts more clear. They can catch your mistakes and rectify them.

It will help you in clearing all your mistakes. So, it will improve your preparation. If any topic is missed by you, then it can be recovered in group study.

Stay away from Mobiles

Social media is the largest distraction. Stay away from social media and cell phones. Say goodbye to all these. For some days, forget about Instagram, Facebook, What’s App and so on. Forget about social media. Avoiding these things will make you increase your concentration.

Social media can waste a lot of your time. In fact, if you want to share some notes on phone, ask your family to do the same for you.

Teaching others

When you teach your friends, then you get to know what you have learned so far. You will make your concepts more clear. Teaching will help you in making your concepts clear. It is the best method to revise your chapters and topics.

If you have any other important point and want to share with us? please share through comments.

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