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About Sambalpur University: Every student who passes his/her high-school has a lot of excitement for his/her college life. This is because college is not a place where you learn the things theoretically. But also you learn the practicality of life. College plays a chief role in framing your future. And for such an important role in a student’s life, each and every student needs a perfect college which has a proper academic environment, a proper environment for other co-curriculum, a proper campus for studies etc.

All these things are important because if we only concentrate on academics than it means we are producing book worms .A developing nation doesn’t needs book worms. The first need of a developing nation is intelligent and intellectual people.

If we go through list of such colleges in our nation than Sambalpur University is one such name which can be trusted by anyone. It is ranked as ‘A’ grade university by NAAC. It produces a lot of intellectual people for the country’s progress. Sambalpur University is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC). It is served by governor of Orissa state as a Chancellor.

Sambalpur University which is also known as Jyoti Vihar is one of the earlier universities after the independence. It is started on 1st January 1967 after the passing of Sambalpur University Act. It is finally shifted to the present campus named Jyoti Vihar. The campus is at Burla which is 2km away from the NH-6. It is present near Mahanadi Coal Fields Limited. It is present on the foothills of the world famous Hirakud-Dam.

Sambalpur University Admission Process

For all non b.tech subjects admission is done through an entrance test. After entrance test a viva-voice is also taken. For b.tech admission is done on the basis of JEE or OJEE scores.


The courses are good if you want to go in scientific research field. The professors have a good and helpful nature. Their teaching level is above up to the mark. They are supported by a well trained non-teaching staff. They have all the well equipped laboratories required in research.


The library of Sambalpur University has a lot of features like; 1, 22,523 books in different subjects.4, 500 national and international e-journals.13 newspapers from different languages across the nation.14, 323 bound journals, 1,988 thesis, 260 CD’s.

Campus Life

The university has a healthy campus life. The campus includes two Nationalized Banks, Post-Office, Health Centre, Auditorium, Police post, Faculty House and Community Centre and 10 hostels. It has 20 Post-Graduate departments in the campus area.

Placement wing

The placement wing of the college is totally inactive. Students get no chance for on-campus job placement. They have to give off-campus interviews for job.

Sambalpur University established on 1st January 1967 by virtue of an Act of the Govt. of Orissa. The primary objectives of the University as enshrined in the Act are:

(a) To establish educational centers needed for the growth of higher education in the State and furtherance of   knowledge in the field of Science, Arts, Languages and Culture.,

(b) To make special provision for inter disciplinary courses in Science, Technology and Humanities in the educational programmes of the University,

(c)  To promote an awareness and understanding of the regional requirements in the background of overall development of western Orissa, the so called tribal and backward region of the State and

(d) To establish special Centres for regional development.

Sambalpur University Location and Jurisdiction

The University is situated amidst scenic surroundings of hills, forests and a lake near the city of Burla in the district of Sambalpur, Orissa. The University campus is designated as “JyotiVihar“ (meaning, the abode of enlightenment).  The nearby Railway stations are Hirakud (3Kms.), Sambalpur (18 Kms) , Bargarh (40 Kms.) and Jharsuguda (45 Kms.).

These Stations are well connected with different Metropolitan cities and the rest of the Country. The University has affiliating jurisdiction over the erstwhile undivided districts of Sambalpur, Sundargarh, Bolangir, Kalahandi and parts of Boudh-Phulbani. The Tribal-constitution of population in these areas is ~ 46% against the state average of ~38% and the National average of 22%. This endows the University with special status and significance in the National map of development.

Besides, the rich heritage in the art form, indigenous traditions of textile and handicrafts, a very fascinating and rich folk culture, the Sambalpuri Dance and singing patterns originating from the region have become immensely popular in the country and abroad and it becomes an important responsibility on the part of the Sambalpur University to preserve, nurture and propagate this very rich cultural tradition.

Sambalpur University Blue-print for the Future:

The following is a plan in brief for future directions of development:

(a)Consolidation: To bring the existing Departments in to the folds of Schools such as in Physical Sciences, Life-Sciences, Math. Sciences, Social- and Information-Sciences etc

(b) expansion: Creation of National Level Institutes in Fundamental Sciences (in the pattern of, e.g., TIFR), Introduction of five year integrated progrmmes of learning, Masters-Ph.D. Combined Courses etc.

(c) Development of Infrastructure: including un-interrupted power supply, upgradation of the USIC, Computer Centre, computerization of the Central Library, extensive availability of Internet-facilities etc. and

(d) Resource mobilisation through self-financing courses and submission of Projects etc.