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CEO Andhra The Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh is liable for the plan and the proper control of the election process in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The C E O of Andhra Pradesh is under the review of the election commission of India. The main duty of the chief electoral officer is well handling of general elections and the by-elections. Towards the house of people from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Along with the state legislative assembly and the state legislative council.

Download AP Voter ID Card from CEO Andhra Website

To download your AP voter ID card. You again need to visit the website. Once you are on the website you need to keep your personal details handy.

  • On the CEOAP website click search your Name .
  • Select District Name and [Assembly Constituency] AC Name.
  • Enter your Name or Photo Identity Card no
  • You need to make sure that you put in the exact details and not the incorrect personal data. As this will hamper the result output and you will not get your voter ID card.


If you have any issues about the website connectivity, then you can send an email to the office. The email must contain the details of the issues faced and the office will try to rectify your issue. The FAQ of the electoral offices’ website also contains the information. It covers many queries put forth by the visitors.

How to Download PDF Electoral Rolls

To download your PDF electoral rolls:

  1. You need to visit the website of the CEO Andhra electoral office.
  2. Select your District and then “Select Assembly Constituency”.[you must know the district name and the assembly constituency]
  3. Now Click “Get Polling Stations” button To download the PDF.[PDF available in Telugu and English]
  4. The office of electoral stores the data in PDF format. Moreover, the to view the data you need to have PDF acrobat reader installed on your computer. If for some reason you do not have acrobat reader installed on your PC.
  5. Then you can download it from the internet for free. However, you need to have pop-ups blocked on your windows when you must download the electoral rolls in PDF format.

To view the electoral rolls you can open the document through any modern browser. Though the website mentions Mozilla Firefox as the most suitable. You can go with any of the commonly used browsers for the web.

In this process, the C E O is held for preparing and updating the electoral rolls. The office of the voters is also liable for issuing the photo identity cards to the electors. During the election process, C E O’s Office plans the form of the polling stations. Educating the voters and spreading the election notice in under the purview of C E O’s office. Besides the proper use of the model code of conduct.

How to Check Your Name in CEO Andhra Voter Lists Online

If you want to check your name in CEO Andhra voter list online. Then please go through the direction stated in this section. To do this you need to visit the website of the CEO Andhra Paresh.

  1. Once you’re on the website click on the link which says search your name.
  2. This is on the top of the menu of the website.
  3. Then you need to fill up some details such as district name and the Assembly Constituency name.
  4. You also need to provide your house number or your photo identity card. This is to retrieve the data of your voter ID card details online.

You also need to note that you do not enter initials and surnames. For example, if your name is S. Sita Rao then just enter 3 letters of a name instead of full name. Second if you need to search all members of your house no. Then enter first 4 letters of your house number in the field given for house number.

Other CEO Andhra Instructions

There are some other instructions to keep in mind. Relating to loss of your identity card or change of address and other similar things. For example, you can obtain the voter ID card for new addresses easily. For that, you need to first enrol yourself in the concerned Assembly Constituency. Then apply for a new voter ID card.

If you are living as a tenant and your landlord is not allowing you to make a voter ID card. Then you can approach the SDM office in your district or subdivision and submit form 6. Once you have done this you will get clarification from the SDM office. After that, you can continue with your voter ID card registration.

It is legal and enforceable by law that tenants should get their right to possess voter ID cards. For those who have shifted their houses to a different subdivision. They too need to submit form 6 to get a new voter ID card. Therefore, keep these things in mind if you have doubts regarding an acquisition of a new voter ID card.

Similarly, there is a misconception that if you do not own a ration card. Then you are not eligible to get yourself your voter ID card. This is absolutely wrong because ration card is only one form of identity proof. Therefore, you can approach the office of the enrollment officer and present any identity proof to begin the process.

Any identity card apart from the ration card. Such as the passport, driving license, and other such forms of ID cards are acceptable. One thing to keep in mind is that the identity card is issued by the competent government authority.

Mee Seva Centres

Meeseva centres is a modern facilitation by the government of Andhra Pradesh. The government’s purpose of establishing Meeseva centres is to facilitate integrated delivery mechanism. Therefore, if you want your voter ID card easily through an integrated delivery method. You need to visit Meeseva centres with the requisite fee and get your ID quickly. There are two charges of different denominations of INR 10 and INR 25 respectively. Therefore, you should know which type of card you are looking for.

Official Link to Check Meeseva Centers

ceo andhra

The above-mentioned points must have cleared your doubts regarding voter ID card issuance. Now you know where you need to visit to get your voter ID. If you are living in Andhra Pradesh, then you are now familiar with the knowledge in various situations. Whether you are a tenant or you are not presently a resident in your previous address. Keep in mind that the law permits each and every citizen of India to obtain their voter ID cards. It doesn’t matter, if you are a tenant or you are constantly shifting yourself. No one can deny you your entitlements. The information presented in this article will give you the knowledge to implement.

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