IGNOU MCOM Date Sheet Download 2018 June

IGNOU is world’s largest university in terms of student strength. It has almost four million registered students. It has twenty-one different streams for studies. Its network of study centers is spread over sixty-seven different centers across the nation. Also the university has its presence in fifteen countries. University offers more than two hundred academic programs. It is believed that from every two out of ten students in India studies here for higher education.

IGNOU was started in year 1985. It comes under Indra Gandhi National Open University Act, 1985. University is situated in Maidan Garhi in Delhi .It is basically a Distance learning University. It helps the weaker section of society. IGNOU helps the students who want to study while working. The President of India plays the role of Chancellor of University.

Exam BoardIndira Gandhi National Open University
ExamSemester Exam
Semester Details1 to 6
Official Websitewww.ignou.ac.in
Exam Date2018
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IGNOU Mcom Course

Master of Commerce briefly known as M.com. M.com is a post graduate course offered by IGNOU. Graduates from any stream can apply for this. There is no age limits for this course. The minimum duration of the course is two years. The maximum duration of the course is five years. An annual fee of this course is five thousand five hundred. Both the years of course have six subjects each. Exams are held annually. Also if a student fails in an exam than he can get a second chance within six months. Exams are held in the month of June and December. Marks of exam will be evaluated in two ways:

1. Thirty percent from the Assignment Work, and
2. Seventy percent from the marks scored in Exams.

IGNOU MCOM Date Sheet December 2018

Subject NameSubject CodeDateDaySession
MCOM First Year
IBO01 International Business Environment12/14/2018FridayEvening
IBO02 International Marketing Management12/24/2018MondayEvening
IBO03 India’s Foreign Trade20/06/2018WednesdayMorning
IBO04 Export Import Procedures and Documentation12/6/2018ThursdayEvening
IBO05 International Marketing Logistics12/17/2018MondayEvening
IBO06 International Business Finance12/10/2018MondayEvening
MCOM Second Year
MCO01 Organisation Theory and Behaviour12/3/2018MondayEvening
MCO03 Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis12/5/2018WednesdayEvening
MCO04 Business Environment12/11/2018TuesdayEvening
MCO05 Accounting for Managerial Decisions12/12/2018WednesdayEvening
MCO06 Marketing Management12/13/2018ThursdayEvening
MCO07 Financial Management12/15/2018SaturdayEvening
BCOM First Year
Subject CodeSubject NameDateDaySession
FEG02 Foundation Course in English12/12/2018WednesdayEvening
FST01 Foundation Course in Science and Technology12/7/2018FridayEvening
FEG01 Foundation Course in English-112/10/2018MondayEvening
FHD02 Foundation Course in Hindi-212/10/2018MondayEvening
FHD01 Foundation Course in Hindi-1
MSW009 Community Organisation Management for Community Development12/11/2018TuesdayMorning
BCOM Second Year
Subject CodeSubject NameDateDaySession
ECO01 Business Organisation12/20/2018ThursdayMorning
ECO02 Accountancy-I12/15/2018SaturdayMorning
ECO03 Management Theory12/13/2018ThursdayEvening
ECO05 Mercantile Law12/14/2018FridayEvening
ECO06 Economic Theory12/6/2018ThursdayMorning
ECO07 Elements of Statistics12/27/2018ThursdayMorning
ECO08 Company Law12/18/2018TuesdayMorning
ECO09 Money, Banking and Financial Institutions12/21/2018FridayMorning
ECO10 Elements of Costing12/28/2018FridayMorning
ECO11 Elements of Income Tax12/24/2018MondayMorning
ECO12 Elements of Auditing12/17/2018MondayMorning
ECO13 Business Environment12/6/2018ThursdayMorning
ECO14 Accountancy-II12/19/2018WednesdayEvening
BCOM Third Year
Subject CodeSubject NameDateDaySession
CTE03 Teaching Strategies12/4/2018TuesdayMorning
CTE04 Teaching English (Elementary School)12/5/2018WednesdayMorning
CTE05 Teaching English (Secondary School)12/6/2018ThursdayMorning
AOM1 Office Organisation Management7/6/2018FridayEvening
ASP1 Secretarial Practice15/06/2018FridayEvening
AHE1 Human Environment18/06/2018MondayEvening
AMT01 Teaching of Primary School Mathematics12/11/2018TuesdayMorning
AMK1 Marketing -AMK-15/6/2018SundayEvening
AED1 Export Procedures and Documentation6/6/2018WednesdayEvening
ATR1 Translation4/6/2018FridayEvening
ACC1 Organizing Childcare Services13/06/2018WednesdayEvening
ANC1 Nutrition for the Community -ANC-113/06/2018WednesdayEvening
ACS1 Consumer Studies -ACS-119/06/2018TuesdayEvening

Main Latest Full IGNOU Date Sheet Download

Subject NameSubject CodeDateDaySession
MCOM First Year
 IBO-1 International Business Environment8/6/2018MondayMorning
 IBO-2 International Marketing Management19/06/2018TuesdayMorning
 IBO-3 India’s Foreign Trade20/06/2018WednesdayMorning
 IBO-4 Export Import Procedures and Documentation5/6/2018SundayEvening
 IBO-5 International Marketing Logistics20/06/2018WednesdayEvening
 IBO-6 International Business Finance7/6/2018FridayEvening
MCOM Second Year
 MCO-1 Organisation Theory and Behaviour21/06/2018ThursdayEvening
 MCO-03 Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis4/6/2018FridayEvening
 MCO-04 Business Environment19/06/2018TuesdayEvening
 MCO-05 Accounting for Managerial Decisions8/6/2018MondayEvening
 MCO-06 Marketing Management9/6/2018ThursdayEvening
 MCO-07 Financial Management2/6/2018TuesdayMorning
BCOM First Year
Subject CodeSubject NameDateDaySession
 FEG-02 Foundation Course in English8/6/2018MondayEvening
 FST-1 Foundation Course in Science and Technology11/6/2018TuesdayEvening
 FEG-1 Foundation Course in English-112/6/2018ThursdayEvening
 FHD-2 Foundation Course in Hindi-211/6/2018TuesdayEvening
 FHD-1 Foundation Course in Hindi-1
 MSW-009 Community Organisation Management for Community Development19/06/2018TuesdayMorning
BCOM Second Year
Subject CodeSubject NameDateDaySession
 ECO-1 Business Organisation13/06/2018WednesdayMorning
 ECO-02 Accountancy-I8/6/2018MondayMorning
 ECO-03 Management Theory5/6/2018SundayMorning
 ECO-05 Mercantile Law4/6/2018FridayMorning
 ECO-06 Economic Theory12/6/2018ThursdayMorning
 ECO-07 Elements of Statistics1/6/2018SaturdayMorning
 ECO-08 Company Law15/06/2018FridayMorning
 ECO-09 Money, Banking and Financial Institutions6/6/2018WednesdayMorning
 ECO-10 Elements of Costing7/6/2018FridayMorning
 ECO-11 Elements of Income Tax14/06/2018ThursdayMorning
 ECO-12 Elements of Auditing2/6/2018TuesdayMorning
 ECO-13 Business Environment12/6/2018ThursdayMorning
 ECO-14 Accountancy-II21/06/2018ThursdayMorning
BCOM Third Month
Subject CodeSubject NameDateDaySession
 AFW-(E) Feature Writing1/6/2018SaturdayEvening
 AWR-(E) Writing for Radio
 AWR-(H) Radio Lekhan (Hindi)
 CTE-03 Teaching Strategies20/06/2018WednesdayEvening
 CTE-04 Teaching English (Elementary School)21/06/2018ThursdayEvening
 CTE-05 Teaching English (Secondary School)21/06/2018ThursdayEvening
 AOM-1 Office Organisation Management7/6/2018FridayEvening
 ASP-1 Secretarial Practice15/06/2018FridayEvening
 AHE-1 Human Environment18/06/2018MondayEvening
 AMT-01 Teaching of Primary School Mathematics18/06/2018MondayEvening
 AMK-1 Marketing -AMK-15/6/2018SundayEvening
 AED-1 Export Procedures and Documentation6/6/2018WednesdayEvening
 ATR-1 Translation4/6/2018FridayEvening
 ACC-1 Organizing Childcare Services13/06/2018WednesdayEvening
 ANC-1 Nutrition for the Community -ANC-113/06/2018WednesdayEvening
 ACS-1 Consumer Studies -ACS-119/06/2018TuesdayEvening

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