{Updated} Rajshiksha Promotion List Secondary Elementary Teachers

Rajshiksha Promotion List Updates: Rajshiksha is the official academic platform of the state of Rajasthan. The website provides information about various academic institutions. Visitors can find information about medical colleges, Sanskrit education and school education. It is a resource for both students and teachers in Rajasthan.

With experience and age comes promotion. It is a mandate in any profession. This is also followed for the teaching staff. The staff who have taught for a longer time know more about the students and their mindsets than the new comers. Sometimes, the teachers could be well-equipped with multiple degrees which could help with their promotion. When a teacher gains promotion, they get a wide array of benefits.

Rajshiksha Promotion List

The first of them is the increase in salary. The salary of the teachers depends on what type of students they handle. The Asst.Professor in a medical college will earn less than the Professor or the head of the department. This is because of their age or their experience.

The schools too, follow the same process. The teachers teaching higher grades earn more than those teaching the lower grades or kg. Every year of teaching is an experience. With each passing year, some teachers retire from the job and there is a need to fulfil the position. Each of the above-mentioned process happens through the teacher Rajshiksha promotion list. Every year, the Rajshiksha or the govt of Rajasthan release a teacher promotion list.

Rajshiksha Promotion List Secondary Elementary Sanskrit Teachers

Rajshiksha promotion list contains the names of the teachers who get promotion. The Rajshiksha website provides link to the promotion list. Teachers can access the promotion list to see if they have gained promotion. In case if you are wondering how to access it, we are here to guide you. Follow these steps and access the list:

  • Visit the official website of Rajshiksha (education.rajasthan.gov.in)
  • On the left panel you will find a list of options including ‘Sanskrit education’.
  • On clicking Sanskrit education, a list drops down.
  • Scroll down to find the ‘Promotion order’.
  • The Promotion order takes you to a landing page. The page has different categories.
  • Click the category you were previously a part of. Eg: If you were a kindergarten teacher, click kindergarten.
  • An official release letter opens on your monitor. It contains the list of teachers who have gained promotion.
  • If you happen to find you name, follow the procedures given in the letter. Else, wait for further updates from the government.

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