3 Useful Leave Application Letter and Format for Students Office Goers

Leave letter is one of the important process in school, College and Office. This one the process which will continue in our life for long time.

Here we are sharing few simple Leave application Letter for all students and Office goers. You can use this Leave application format any where.

Sick Leave Application for School Teacher / Leave application for College

The Principal,
School Name, Class,


Subject: Application for Leave

Respected Sir,

As I am Suffering from Fever am unable to come to school. (or High Fever or Chicken Pox or Cold or mention the medical issue).
So am request you to grant me 3 days leave.

Thank you,

Yours Faithfully,
Student Name.


Other Leave Letter Reason.

For Picnic or Tour: Leave Application For Going Out Of Station

I Am (Name), Fifth Standard Class A Student. I am going to Ooty with my Family for picnic. So I need 3 days leave. I am requesting you to give me 3 days leave from 28 May 2018 to 30 May 2018.

Marriage Leave Application

Sir, I am 4th Standard student Advika. My Cousin marriage is on 1st June. So Please grant me 2 days leave.
Leave Request Mail to Manager for One Day

For Officer Goers

Sir, My Sister is getting married on June 1st. So i need to take care many thing for my sister marriage. I need 10 days leave. I will make sure all my task has assigned to other team members during that period. All my assigned task will get complete on time without fail before I leave.

So Please grant me 10 days leave.

Some Funny Leave Application Letter.

Thats all Guys. If you need any other leave format let us know in comments.

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